08 October - IPhone price increases 

We are just updating on price increases on mostly at the moment the 5 series Lcds there has been to much swing in prices both from the manufacturers and the weak sterling, our new batch on Monday will be at the revised prices.  The feeling at the moment is the prices won't be going down so please reflect the new prices on your pricing structure. This makes the gap between Our Original Grade and the Copies very small and we would encourage most customers to purchase the Original Grade as these are far superior in quality with a noticeable lot less returns  due to touch issues as highlighted below and various other issues associated with copies although we do buy the best quality issues still raise.

02 October - iOS Update 5 Series

We have seen a few issues with 5 series lcds as of late and after doing some tests can only put this down to the latest iOS update as we have tried the same lcds on previous iOS version and they work fine.  The main issue appears to be the touch screen failing after a short period until the phone is restarted.  This issue is not present in our ORIGINAL GRADE lcds.

28 September - Paypal Issues

We apologise for paypal issues on our site today, this has now been resolved.

20 August - Mobile Phones

We are looking slowly at introducing mobile phones due to customer requests however the paypal issue came up again, so we have put a sample lot of our refurbished iPhone 6 on the site however the Paypal option during checkout will be disabled for these purchases as we are only able to take Bank Transfer to keep costs down as margins are already very tight with mobiles, VAT is included on all mobile phone purchases.

18 August - Paypal

Due to a few accounting difficulties with paypal as well as the high fees which makes if unfair to our majority bank transfer customers we will soon have to charge for paypal transactions, these are fees paypal charges us to receive payment not something we make any profit on.

With this in light we will be revising our prices accordingly so we won't be required to inc this transaction fee in our final product prices, so paypal customers won't really notice a change but our bank transfer customers will see benefit, also this enables us to start updating our catalogue with much more goods due to the success of our site on just a small selection we will now be rolling out the rest of our parts with the aim to be a 1 stop shop for our repair/technicians.

11 July 2016 - iPhone 6S Lcd 3d Touch

There are iPhone 6S now coming into the market which are literally modified iPhone 6 lcds.
China in all there glory are changing the flex's on iPhone 6 and reprogramming the chip to work on iPhone 6S albeit quite unsuccessfully.
Numerous issues with the touch and we also believe the 3D pressure sensor do not work with these.  All our iPhone 6S lcds are original at core so you will not have the same issues.

8th July 2016 - So has Brexit Fever finally kicked in with the Lcd Market?

We liase regularly with china manufacturers and are beginning to see some movement on prices at source. The prices of lcds came down to record levels and it was just a matter of time until the manufacturers increased the prices.

So just to kick us Brits in the teeth they have decided the time is now, coupled with the weak £ only the next week or so now will tell how quickly it will happen.  So just a heads up but this will predominantly affect the iPhone 5 series and 6 series.

6th July 2016 - iPhone Lcds Copy or Original??

With the prices of iPhone lcds at still record lows something has to give, we have seen the overall quality from the main handful of manufacturers suffer somewhat.

With this in mind and with uncertainty on wether the next major apple updates will cause havoc with these copies we have started to introduce a full iPhone range of ORIGINAL GRADE lcds.  These are basically Remanufactured broken lcds and at core they are original lcd display and touch.  

These original grade are far superior and on looking at the brightness and colour its evident.

For only a few £ more you will see a significant difference in overall quality and of course as they are original core they will be compatible with any Apple Updates.


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